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Digital inclusion requires the ability and willingness to act responsibly online. At Deutsche Telekom, we are convinced that media literacy is the key to safe and competent use of digital media and an important skill for private and professional life.

To be part of the digital world, you need to use the internet responsibly.
At Deutsche Telekom, we believe that knowing how to use media is important.
It helps people use digital media safely in their personal and work lives.

We aim to enhance the media skills of people of all ages through a wide range of offerings, always with the aim of enabling everyone to navigate the digital world confidently and securely.

We want to help people of all ages get better at using media.
We have many different things to help.
We want everyone to feel sure and safe online.

Secure use starts with basic skills and extends to protecting one's own privacy and addressing issues like hate speech and disinformation. We believe in fostering media literacy beyond national borders.

It's important to start with basic skills.
We also help people learn to keep their private information safe.
We talk about things like hate speech and wrong information.
We think it's important to help people everywhere, not just in one country.

Teachtoday.org illustrates Deutsche Telekom Group's global efforts in promoting media literacy and digital participation. The platform offers a comprehensive overview of activities conducted by our headquarters, subsidiaries, and associated companies, organized by country. Committed to ensuring optimal accessibility, Teachtoday.org offers all text in simple language.

Teachtoday.org shows what Deutsche Telekom Group is doing worldwide to help people use media and the internet better.
The website has information about what we do in different countries.
We make sure the website is easy to use for everyone.
The text on the website is easy to read.

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